About Us

The Balance for Women Physicians

Enriching the Lives of Women Physicians

The Balance mission is to:

  • Provide professional development to women physicians in the context of their lives as women, partners, wives, mothers, daughters, friends and citizens.
  • Strengthen competencies in medical knowledge, organization of knowledge, communication skills, resource management, and teamwork, through a learning atmosphere of mutual support and shared vision.
  • Improve quality of medical care at all levels, from patient care in local communities to research and academic excellence, by enhancing the effectiveness of women physicians.
  • Inspire women physicians to renew their commitment to work by heightening compassion, satisfaction, and joy in the practice of medicine.

For More Information

To learn about membership and benefits, please visit our membership pages.

A member will be happy to discuss the Balance organization with you. Please contact us by e-mail at balance4wp@gmail.com