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Balance for Women Physicians is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of women physicians through:

  • professional development,
  • personal support, and
  • inspiration to renew one's commitment and joy in the practice of medicine

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Join us for the 28th Annual Balance Conference for Women Physicians

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August 2-5, 2018

"Balance" This one word is what every physician seeks, but where and when can you find it?

A weekend of Continuing Education covering all the topics you want without the traditional lecture hall style. Interact with your female peers, form friendships, and learn from the experience of others. Come and share your experience while you learn from experts. This is the only all-female physician attendees conference of its kind.

For twenty-six years the Balance Conference for Women Physicians has persisted as an annual educational and support activity. As we prepare for another year of balancing professional work and personal humanity, we continue to look at the benefits our patients enjoy when we participate in self-reflective and skills-building programs. This CME program includes sessions that focus on personal skills and professional growth as well as clinical topic relevant to various patient populations.  Yoga & Massage are offered daily and a special course in writing for female physicians is also offered.





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